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Attendee/Exhibitor/Presenter Tips

No Lunch on Day 1: Please note that there is no lunch in the agenda on Day 1.

Badge Pickup: Don’t expect anything in the mail. When you go to the registration desk a badge will be waiting for you.

Global Venture Conference Website:

BioCongress 2006 Website:

Updates: The conference website is the best place to stay updated. We’ll put all updates on the website.

Dress Code: Business Attire (Suit & Tie)

Photo ID (passport, drivers license etc) required at registration desk for security reasons.

Location: Madison Square Garden “THEATER LOBBY”. Madison Square Garden is located on 7th Ave. between 31st and 33rd streets.

For Directions: More information is available in the FAQ section of our website.

Date & Time: Sept 14 (11.30am – 6.30pm), Sept 15 (7.45 am – 4.30pm)

Entrance: Enter via Theater Doors, MSG Main entrance at 32nd St. and 7th Ave

Badges: It’s required to wear your badges at all times (otherwise, you may be asked to leave by security or SAEC staffs/volunteers).

Ask Questions: We encourage you to ask questions during the discussion. Please walk to the nearest mic stand available.

No Promotional Material Allowed: Distribution of any kind of promotional or marketing material is strictly prohibited inside the conference area. If you need to distribute promotional materials, then please request an exhibitor table.

Cocktail Reception: Definitely stay and enjoy the reception. Some very nice wine and snacks will be served.

Contact: In case you need assistance, please contact Madison Sqaure Garden (not SAEC). The number is 212-465-6787 (Contact Name: Theresa Saccardi). No one will be available at SAEC. The other number for Madison Square Garden is 212-465-6106. Ask for the Special Events Department.

Payment Due: If you are required to pay, please follow the payment request of our staff. If you don’t agree, you can still pay and write to us later. We’ll resolve the issue after the conference.

Where To Go: If you are carrying boxes etc.

[A] If you DON’T need elevator access: You can enter through the Main Garden Entrance at 7th Avenue/32nd Street. Go to the Security Check Point and tell them that you are going to the Biotech Conference held in the Theater Lobby. They will guide you.

[B] If you do need elevator access: You must enter through the Employee Entrance at 8th Avenue/33rd Street. The building is 810 Plaza, Employee Entrance for MSG. They will issue you an Elevator Pass.

Exhibiting Companies:

There is no shipping address available because of security reasons.

  • You have to bring in the material yourself on the day of the conference.
  • You can put anything on the table provided but nowhere else.
  • We encourage you bring a table banner in order to get noticed.
  • The exhibitor area will be taken down immedaitely after the conference closing, as MSG has a program that evening.
  • Arrival Time: We encourage you to arrive by 10.30 am to allow yourself enough time for setting up the table. SAEC and MSG employees will be available to direct you to your table.


Presenting Companies: You will also get an exhibitor table. Please read above for exhibiting companies. Plus see the following:
  • You can choose to use either PowerPoint or just give a speech.
  • We recommend that your PowerPoint presentation contains 6-9 slides.
  • Please send us your presentation material as soon as you can, following selection. You can do it one of three ways:
    • Email us the PowerPoint presentation slides.
    • Upload to a public server and email us the link from where we can download
    • Email us and we will send you the mailing address for you to send a CD.

Thank you for your participation! Many more similar high-quality conferences are being planned for the future. We look forward to meeting you.

Best Regards
Team BioCongress 2006
Contact: BioCongress




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