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The discussion will focus on how the remarkable confluence of theory and reality will pay real dividends for Biotech/Life Science ventures now and in the coming years. Some of the topics planned to be discussed are as follows:

  • The Global Outlook for Biotech & Life Science Investments
  • What VC's are looking for in Biotechnology/Life Science ventures
  • How technology will change the future of medicine (information based medicines)
  • Real-life winning strategies for Biotech/Life Science companies
  • Biotech and Life Science in the New York Tristate Area
  • Early stage funding issues for Biotech and Life Science ventures
  • Implications of strategic partnerships with big Pharma companies
  • How to choose venture caplitalists as partners beyond money
  • How to value a Biotech venture
  • Hiring and compensation of Biotech executives
  • Exit strategy - M&A and IPO environments
  • Incentives, tax subsidies, labor laws, and scientific pools for Biotech companies around the world
  • Genomic mapping and its implications for the future of biotechnology ventures
  • Speciality Pharma and Big Pharma - The Future
  • Devices & Drugs
  • Personalized medicine and the future
  • The confluence of Nanotechnology and Biotech/Life Science and new opportunities


Program schedule, date, location and speakers are subject to change



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Note: This conference is a self-paid, non-profit conference with a financial gurantee by the Chairman and SAEC founder

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