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My Dear Friends, Welcome!

A gigantic revolution in Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Medicine is underway – while we hold this conference. It’s not in the evening news and it’s not felt by the common man in the street as we saw during the last two big technology revolutions – namely, the PC and the internet. Nonetheless, it’s happening, and its impact will be huge – a size and proportion never seen before – and will change people’s lives for better, forever.

Look closely at what has happened in the last decade, what is at the heart of this revolution, the major driving forces for the innovations to come.

Computational power is available on PC’s today that was only available on mainframe computers at government agencies or large corporations in the recent past. The cost of this valuable resource is so low that even a student can afford it. The Internet revolution has removed all physical and time barriers and has facilitated the exchange of the vast amount of information available and placed it at everyone’s fingertips.

The Internet boom, or perhaps “buzz” would be a better word for today, has spread a new entrepreneurial bug across all segments of society all over the world. Record number of students, scientists and businessmen are taking up fresh challenges. All of them are willing to accept new and larger risks.

The Internet has created record numbers of millionaires and successful entrepreneurs who are willing to invest their new found wealth in the promise of new frontiers. Private capital and venture capital investment continues to grow at a record rate.

Last but not least, the completion of the Genome project, well before anyone thought possible, and the general availability of these sequences, has added a new dimension to scientific knowledge. There has been an unprecedented race to use this information to find solutions to previously untreatable diseases.

We are at a crossroads. All of the above factors combined have created, for lack of a better phrase, “a perfect storm” that will bring innovation in the “Bio” space never seen before, never felt before.

The future is clear and the outcomes are predictable, the only unknown is the exact date. But things will start to happen soon.

The Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club takes an encompassing view of scientific entrepreneurship. We will continue to develop technologies that improve the lives of people everywhere in every field: Medicine, agriculture, nutrition, computer science and engineering.

All of us that are part of SAEC are delighted to make this contribution to the future of bioscience. Thank you for joining us and helping make this conference such a success.

Best Regards,

Gyan Parida, Ph.D., MBA
President, Silicone Alley Entrepreneurs Club (SAEC)
Chairman, Global Venture Congress™.

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