National Finalist 2002 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
Kauffman Supporter Of Entrepreneurship Award

Legendary Nobel Laureate
Dr. James Watson

Co-Discoverer of the Structure of DNA
President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Opening Keynote Address

Future Of Genomics In Human Disease Finding

It was 1953, James Watson, just 24, and Francis Crick, 36 at the time, surprised the world, when they struck upon the famous double-helix structure - like a twisted ladder - of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Biotechnology as we know today, was born that day. .... read more

The Conference:

The Biotech & Life Sciences Global Venture Congress™ is a one-day conference designed to address the venture capital landscape, identify current trends in innovation, learn key technologies and scientific discoveries and discover emerging Biotech and Life Sciences companies.

The Speakers:

Speakers at the conference are world renowned visionaries, active investors in Biotech and Life Sciences companies, founders/C-level executives of cutting edge Biotech companies, renowned thought leaders, movers and shakers of the biotech industry and analysts.

The Exhibitors:

Exhibitors at the conference will be a chosen few, companies with cutting edge technologies, Biotech & Life Sciences product and services, international agencies, high profile Biotech and Life Science strategic partners and other service providers. Click here to see detail and apply.

Companies Seeking Funding: Innovator Showcase

Exhibitors at the Innovator Showcase will be a chosen few emerging growth Biotech and Life Sciences companies seeking funding with imminent funding potential. Click here to see the Innovator Showcase package and apply.

The Attendees:

The conference will be a congregation of venture capitalists, private equity investors, corporate investors, strategic investors, angel investors, institutional investors, investment bankers, commercial bankers, biotech and life sciences company executives, entrepreneurs, analysts, though leaders, scientists, researchers, academicians, and service providers.

(R) Nobel Laureate Dr. James Watson
(L) Dr. Gyan Parida, Chairman
Biotech & Life Science Global Venture Congress 2004, New York


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