National Finalist 2002 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
Kauffman Supporter Of Entrepreneurship Award


The day's discussion will focus on how the remarkable confluence of theory and reality will pay real dividends for the biotech/ life science ventures now and in the coming years. Some of the topics planned to be discussed -

  • Global Outlook for Biotech & Life Science Investment
  • What are VC's looking for in a Biotechnology/ Life Sciences venturs
  • How technology will change the future of medicine (Information based medicines)
  • Real life winning strategies for Biotech / Life Sciences companies
  • Biotech and Life Science in New York tristate area
  • Early stage funding issues for Biotech and Life Science ventures
  • Implications of strategic partnerships with big Pharma companies.
  • How to choose venture caplitalists as partners, beyond money.
  • How to value a Biotech venture.
  • Hiring and compensation of Biotech executives.
  • Exit strategy - M&A and IPO environment
  • Incentives, tax subsidies, labor laws, scientific pools for biotech companies around the world.
  • Genomic mapping and its implications for the future of biotechnology ventures
  • Personalized medicine and the future
  • The confluence of Nanotechnology and Biotech/ Life Sciences and new opportunities.

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