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The discussion will focus on how the remarkable confluence of theory and reality will pay real dividends for Biotech/Life Science ventures now and in the coming years. Some of the topics planned to be discussed are as follows:


Biotech & Life Sciences Ventures In A Rapidly Changing Global Landscape - The world has virtually become a boundary-less piece of landmass with ever-changing laws to make it easier whether finding talents, raising capital, and entering new markets. Soon it’ll become irrelevant whether your office is in Beijing or New York, and before you know the target market is no longer the US, but rather in India. The opportunities abound – what our speakers think.

- Where the USA, Europe and Asia stand in terms of competition, innovation, investment, regulation and market share.
- Will China and/or India become the dominant player in the world’s biotech space in 10-15 years and what are their strategies?
- New openings and regulations – a global and regional perspective.
- Could changes in India’s patent law create new dynamics for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries?
- What are the main barriers to innovation in biomedical research?
- What are the forces driving change?
- Are emerging markets leading future growth?
- Is there a real alternative to the blockbuster drug strategy?
- Every industry matures and so will Biotech. Are we there yet? What’s the best strategy moving forward? How can it avoid the excesses and shortfalls of the Big Pharma Model?


Investors Prospective of Biotechnology/ Life Sciences Venture (Industry/Investment Focus)
- What are investors/VCs looking for in a) Early Stage Financing and b) Later Stage Financing and Follow on rounds these days?
- Are they looking for too much, too little, or just about right?
- Why so many VCs stay away from early stage investment in Biotech ventures – is it just too risky or does it not fit with most investors’ exit time frame?
- Valuation of Biotech Ventures – are too many VC’s chasing too few later stage Biotech investment and if yes, what’s the impact on valuation.
- How do investors view the positioning of pharma and biotech in their portfolios?
- Are pharma and biotech complementary or alternative competitive investments?
- To what degree if at all, are investors responsible for pharma’s weak research approach?
- What are some of the new trends emerging in investor strategies and how can the industry as well as entrepreneurs capitalize on these opportunities?
- Do good drugs guarantee investment success?


Building a Biotech & Life Sciences Ventures (Entrepreneur Focus)
- Basic tips to entrepreneurs to secure that first round of funding.
- What are the key leverage points that an entrepreneur need to know before getting out there?
- What are some of the winning strategies for building a Biotech venture.
- Basic differences between biotech/life sciences with other technology ventures.
- Where do you begin and how far you have to see clearly to convince an investor.
- Most biotech ventures are high risk and too uncertain in terms of time frame – what are the MUSTS that entrepreneurs have to have before going out there to seek capital?
- Board of Advisors: how critical are they to the success of biotech startup?
- Valuation Issues


Strategic Partnership: Choosing the right partners is key to success
- Partnership of startups with academics, govt. research labs or big companies’ research. How it’s benefiting the biotech evolution so to speak.
- Let us shed some light on biotech-big phrama partnering. Is it really win-win for both?
- If not, who gains most from the biotech-pharma partnership?
- How will this relationship evolve? Will biotech come to be seen as the underlying real share value in joint ventures?
- Can we draw any parallels between the old media/new-media partnership we saw during the internet days with this biotech/pharma partnership
- How are big pharma companies applying the technologies behind Translational Medicine to drive their future successes?
- How to co-opt the different players.


The Exit: M&A, IPO & Other Options
- It’s the exit that scares most investors from many excellent biotech investment opportunities. Are investors getting used to long time-frames for their exit strategy?
- How does the IPO market look now and for the next few years for Biotech companies?
- If the IPO market is not conducive, how does that affect M&A activities, as there are probably not many M&A candidates to begin with?
- Are investors’ exit interest going to force more biotechs to take the M&A route instead of waiting for the right IPO window?


Medical Device, Speciality Pharma, Drug Design, Genomics, Stem Cells, Proteomics, Biomedicine and the Nanotech-Biotech
- What big new developments in medical device technology can we expect in the next few years?
- Future of Specialty Pahrmaceutical Model.
- Is Phrmacogenomics the new future of medicine?
- The convergence of drugs and diagnostics – the opportunities and problems of co-marketing a therapy and a companion pharmacodiagnostic.
- Future of Stem Cell, are we losing the advantage to countries like South Korea because of our govt. policy of not funding?
- What is the future regulation regarding genetics and stem-cell research?
- How big is the business of Nanobot and who will dominate the field: big boys or little leaguers?


Program schedule, date, location and speakers are subject to change




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